Comments to EPA on "Regulatory Reform"

“Regulatory Reform” is a favorite excuse for those who want to gut existing environmental and health protections. The administration’s Executive Order 13777, as interpreted by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s memorandum, establishes a “Regulatory Reform Task Force” that is soliciting input from EPA sub-agencies about “specific rules that should  be  considered for  repeal, replacement or modification.”

The first offices Pruitt is targeting are EPA’s Offices of Air and Radiation, Land and Emergency Management, Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention, Water, Environmental Information, Congressional and Intergovemmental Relations and Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization. 

Citizens should watch this process closely.  As a first step in our work on this, PFPI is submitting the following letters to EPA.

Americans want environmental protections

The existing regulatory assessment framework serves the American people well

The Toxic Substances Control Act needs strengthening and vigorous enforcement

EPA’s protections save American lives and money, particularly around coal-fired electricity

The path to fewer regulations lies through reducing fossil fuel burning