Environmental coalition calls for subsidy cuts to dirty biomass energy

Fourteen environmental groups are delivering a letter today asking Senators to eliminate or restrict federal tax subsidies for biomass energy.


In the letter, the groups — including both regional advocates and national organizations –explain that giving tax credits to an industry that accelerates forest harvesting, emits more climate-disrupting greenhouse gases than fossil fuels, and increases air pollution is not sound public policy. Scarce federal renewable energy incentives should be allocated to truly clean energy, not dirty, carbon-intensive biomass facilities.


Groups signing onto the letter are:

Center for Biological Diversity

Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Clean Air Task Force

Clearwater Biodiversity Project

Dogwood Alliance

Earth Day Network

Environment America

Environmental Working Group

Friends of the Clearwater

Friends of the Earth


Natural Resources Defense Council

Partnership for Policy Integrity

Sierra Club


Click here for the letter.